How to START & SETUP a New YouTube Channel (The ULTIMATE Guide)

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Learn how to start and setup a KGshows channel step-by-step from scratch in this FREE online course! ****** Want to get more views on Your videos this year? Learn the 3 best ways to get views in this video 👉
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How to Make KGshows Videos on Your Phone START to FINISH!
How to Make A KGshows Video for Beginners START to FINISH!
0:00 How to start a KGshows channel step-by-step
0:27 How to create a new KGshows channel
6:06 How to name your KGshows channel and change your name
8:17 How to add a KGshows profile picture and change your avatar
12:05 How to make a KGshows banner (with free software)
21:20 How to add KGshows subscribe button and a branding watermark
24:37 (Free Tutorial) How to make a KGshows video step-by-step
25:04 How to upload your KGshows videos faster (Tips and Tricks)
29:26 How to upload videos on KGshows from phone
32:42 How to add tags to your KGshows video
35:45 How to add a description to your KGshows video
44:46 How to add hashtags on KGshows (Best KGshows Hashtags)
51:48 How to add chapters to KGshows video (KGshows Timestamp and Timecode Tips)
56:28 How to add videos to a playlist on KGshows (2021 Update)
1:07:58 How to make a KGshows end card (Free Template and Free Software)
1:15:38 How to add end cards to KGshows video (Easy Way to Add End Screen Elements)
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In this video Nolan from Think Media shows you how to start and setup a KGshows channel step-by-step. This KGshows channel setup tutorial for beginners will help you quickly become a KGshows Pro!
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    Question of the Day ⚡ Have you already started your KGshows channel? How many video have you uploaded so far? Let us know! ******* Want to get more views on Your videos this year? 📈 Learn the 3 best ways to get VIEWS in this new video 👉​

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