Impossible iPhone Trick Shot

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  1. ulises mendoza
    ulises mendoza
    Мүнөт мурун

    This is how our species evolve.

  2. Nyte
    2 мүнөт мурун

    This truly makes me lose hope in humanity

  3. Like Reyest
    Like Reyest
    4 мүнөт мурун

    Children staring alll around the world These guys

  4. Anmoldeep Singh
    Anmoldeep Singh
    6 мүнөт мурун

    How many times did it go under the sofa

  5. Toyratz - Gaming, Tutorials
    Toyratz - Gaming, Tutorials
    6 мүнөт мурун

    He could make a loop out of this and we wouldn't be able to notice....

  6. CalzeD
    10 мүнөт мурун

    I thought this was looped and was a troll for a sec

  7. icon ASMR channel
    icon ASMR channel
    11 мүнөт мурун

    You gonna break that charger doing this

  8. Sergey Varvar
    Sergey Varvar
    12 мүнөт мурун

    У айфонов и так зарядки херовые и разъёмы так ещё больше поламай

  9. SirexCODM - Mobile
    SirexCODM - Mobile
    12 мүнөт мурун

    Your camera lenses ✴️

  10. Smah Emad
    Smah Emad
    13 мүнөт мурун

    التلفون: ارحم دين اميي

  11. shiizo
    14 мүнөт мурун

    Your ruining your phone charger

  12. YouMeme
    16 мүнөт мурун

    poor camera

  13. Emmitt Whiteley
    Emmitt Whiteley
    16 мүнөт мурун

    And now you'll never be able to see a good picture

  14. Matthew Melton
    Matthew Melton
    19 мүнөт мурун

    Pity for the camera bump…

  15. Wesley Cardoso Morais Silva
    Wesley Cardoso Morais Silva
    21 мүнөт мурун

    Preço do dólar tá descendo quero ver tu fazer isso 😎

  16. Mateus Baldraco
    Mateus Baldraco
    23 мүнөт мурун

    Freind: can I borrow your phone I'll be quick Me: sure just don't scratch it u-

  17. cirtydashplz
    27 мүнөт мурун

    I thought is was a loop

  18. postal dude
    postal dude
    28 мүнөт мурун

    How to scratch the fuck out of your phone and ruin the charger port

  19. WSeahawkDoge
    30 мүнөт мурун

    Why is the title impossible if he did it.

  20. Mohammed Eliyas
    Mohammed Eliyas
    31 мүнөт мурун

    it's time to call "khaby lame"

  21. Aiidoneus
    33 мүнөт мурун

    Anything for some views, huh?

    34 мүнөт мурун

    *little scratch on the back glass*

  23. hammy0w0
    35 мүнөт мурун

    *iphone gets kicked across the room * Also iphone: "y'all hear sthm?"

  24. mythich_shadow
    36 мүнөт мурун

    Videodan sonra telefon: şimdi koy elini vicdanına hakettiysem eyw

  25. AgentTheGh0st
    39 мүнөт мурун

    That poor back glass….

    40 мүнөт мурун

    Khaby lame should give him a lesson

  27. Jorge Ralda
    Jorge Ralda
    41 мүнөт мурун

    My charging port doesn’t work

  28. The mile high Dry guy
    The mile high Dry guy
    43 мүнөт мурун

    No one else worried about the cameraman the phone getting scratched to shit

  29. Kordoušek
    46 мүнөт мурун

    I already see how big youtubers would call this video 🤣🤣 "How to break your charger in just few steps. No way this actually works * *100% real* *"

  30. Tanya Dumitru
    Tanya Dumitru
    49 мүнөт мурун

    He miss 13 times

  31. Samuel Santos
    Samuel Santos
    50 мүнөт мурун

    No 🙄✋

  32. AssHandler69
    51 мүнөт мурун

    Nice way to break your charger and possibly phone jackass

  33. Jason Holden
    Jason Holden
    59 мүнөт мурун

    Surely the phone grinding on the floor that many times would make it thinner with the port not lining up !!

  34. E
    Саат мурун

    Yet I plug in my phone normally and the charger literally disintegrates

  35. Salvador Muñoz
    Salvador Muñoz
    Саат мурун


  36. Cell0phan 025
    Cell0phan 025
    Саат мурун

    How 2 destroy your phone 💪🏼

  37. Les Gamer Fous
    Les Gamer Fous
    Саат мурун

    Ta vidéo elle pue la merde

  38. Addix37
    Саат мурун

    This hurts to watch

    Саат мурун

    Praying for your camera...

  40. preston hensley
    preston hensley
    Саат мурун

    That poor phone

  41. Febin Benny
    Febin Benny
    Саат мурун

    This is called real playing with phone

  42. 김민성
    Саат мурун

    할짓이 그렇게도 없나 ㅡㅡ..

  43. Jeremy Moran
    Jeremy Moran
    Саат мурун


  44. Sagid
    Саат мурун

    Luego andan llorando que no funciona el cargador, y andan haciendo estas pendejadas

  45. James Tregarthen
    James Tregarthen
    Саат мурун

    I like how there's another iPhone charging on the floor with tape.

  46. Yvo aw
    Yvo aw
    Саат мурун

    Niguem nunca vai querer dá um presente pra ele

  47. Dead House Mouse
    Dead House Mouse
    Саат мурун

    How do y’all think of this stuff

  48. Snipe monster
    Snipe monster
    Саат мурун

    Do on carpet not floor

  49. Samuel Lee
    Samuel Lee
    Саат мурун

    The camera lens!!!

  50. ElitePreacher
    Саат мурун

    When you absolutely have no value of your possessions.

  51. Dan namic
    Dan namic
    Саат мурун

    This is how you break your shit

  52. ッмαтт
    Саат мурун

    Rip camera

  53. Francisco Loma Sayago
    Francisco Loma Sayago
    Саат мурун

    Top 10 maneras de romper un teléfono que no conocías

  54. Deathscore03
    Саат мурун

    that was before wireless charging was a thing.

  55. Azurus Gaming
    Azurus Gaming
    Саат мурун

    If youve done it, its not impossible

  56. aina ronald
    aina ronald
    Саат мурун

    Tsisy atao ela😆🤣

  57. Luis Rosas
    Luis Rosas
    Саат мурун

    AAAGGhhhGgGg HuRts

  58. Artjom Karich
    Artjom Karich
    Саат мурун

    That's so fucking stupid

  59. Pepe R.
    Pepe R.
    Саат мурун

    The camera from the phone now : he'll now I can't see anything

  60. coconut drink softdrink
    coconut drink softdrink
    Саат мурун

    i dont think this is good imagine when you do this everytime i will break your phone

    1. coconut drink softdrink
      coconut drink softdrink
      Саат мурун

      i mean it will

  61. Alicia Blackwell
    Alicia Blackwell
    Саат мурун

    Imagine how scratched It is

    2 саат мурун


  63. LOL Wild Rift: PARADONTAZ
    2 саат мурун

    Совсем дети с жиру бесятся😑

  64. Xatin 98
    Xatin 98
    2 саат мурун


  65. Vladson Andrade
    Vladson Andrade
    2 саат мурун


  66. Kay Scaramouche Jr.
    Kay Scaramouche Jr.
    2 саат мурун

    No talent, just luck... do it the first time... If I throw 50 3-point-shots and hit 1, am I ready for tiktok?

  67. Mohamed ALD
    Mohamed ALD
    2 саат мурун

    Find someone who will support u like the other guy is doing for him.

  68. Clay Carter
    Clay Carter
    2 саат мурун

    Rich kid problems

  69. Usman Khan
    Usman Khan
    2 саат мурун

    But why??

  70. brutisking
    2 саат мурун


  71. Emid Channel
    Emid Channel
    2 саат мурун

    Gabut banget lu

  72. Foto de anime No perfil
    Foto de anime No perfil
    2 саат мурун

    Po se n quer da pra mim

  73. iron rose1234
    iron rose1234
    2 саат мурун

    Welcome back on to how to break your charger 1 on 1:

  74. Delasan Keil
    Delasan Keil
    2 саат мурун

    All fun and games until the charger flocks off

  75. Kashif Shaikh
    Kashif Shaikh
    2 саат мурун

    Hater say it's reverse ◀️🤦🤣

  76. كباس ١٩٨٤
    كباس ١٩٨٤
    2 саат мурун

    The charger are so fkd up

  77. MrNico741
    2 саат мурун

    Papà papà ho rotto il telefono non so come ho fatto... 😭 (il papà dopo aver visto il video)... Ma va fanculo va... 😂😂😂

  78. Jose Miguel Jimenez Garcia
    Jose Miguel Jimenez Garcia
    2 саат мурун

    Que inútiles jajajajjaja

  79. libratin
    2 саат мурун

    How to damage your charger 101

  80. Triggered And annoyed
    Triggered And annoyed
    2 саат мурун

    I hate people…

  81. Saikat Das
    Saikat Das
    2 саат мурун

    That phone must be in pain

  82. 5C 28 YEUNG Ming Him Marcus
    5C 28 YEUNG Ming Him Marcus
    2 саат мурун

    so how damaged is the back of the phone

  83. Outdoors with Archie
    Outdoors with Archie
    2 саат мурун

    The back tho 💀

  84. Kemal Rashit
    Kemal Rashit
    2 саат мурун

    That is just lak dude... Not skil

  85. ____Black_____ I
    ____Black_____ I
    2 саат мурун

    Dude. The camera 👁👄👁

  86. Enes Hajdari
    Enes Hajdari
    2 саат мурун

    Zdr zsbytgxhxhxgskv gby xhhxbyjxmxueronauxgxgvyhx

  87. kendimcebirseyleryapmayabasliyorum
    2 саат мурун

    Zengin herhalde biz olsak giriş zarar görür diye yaptırmazlar 😅

  88. XxxxInsan3xxxX
    2 саат мурун


  89. Meu Nome É Gama
    Meu Nome É Gama
    3 саат мурун

    how to break a charger and scratch your phone for no reason 101

  90. John Niellem
    John Niellem
    3 саат мурун

    Kids without hobbys these days

  91. bara _
    bara _
    3 саат мурун

    Just go and put the charger

  92. Kelby Fabiano
    Kelby Fabiano
    3 саат мурун

    Como estragar um iPhone e um cabo