YBN Cordae Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

86 000 Көрүүлөр 3,6 млн

YBN Cordae goes Sneaker Shopping at Flight Club in Los Angeles with Complex’s Joe La Puma and flexes serious sneaker knowledge, while talking about DMV sneakers such as Foamposites and New Balance and how he sold his sneakers to fund his studio.

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  1. Complex
    2 жыл мурун

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    1. Giovanni Marquez
      Giovanni Marquez
      Ай мурун

      I always wanted the off white air force one the blue one and I am a huge fan and I wish I can get them.

    2. Ahmed reacts
      Ahmed reacts
      7 ай мурун

      Do iann dior sneaker shopping video

    3. Wand Camilo
      Wand Camilo
      Жыл мурун

      Who tf is this haga

    4. Wrd 2MaTimbs
      Wrd 2MaTimbs
      Жыл мурун

      Lmfaooo Complex really be overpaying with them shoes

    5. Wellz Gucci
      Wellz Gucci
      Жыл мурун

      Complex follow WPMG kgshows.info/code/n4KKZ4WFoWqJopk/video.html

  2. Bucky 2k
    Bucky 2k
    2 күн мурун

    I got a Naomi Osaka ad b4 this

  3. Alberto
    4 күн мурун

    Cordae is actually smart with his money. Respect 📈

  4. Jokrr
    11 күн мурун

    You came here for 7:51

  5. Wilhelmino Juliano Waipati Bean
    Wilhelmino Juliano Waipati Bean
    14 күн мурун

    nobody attention to this, but shout out to the video editor mute every cuss word cordae's said, 💯💯 lmao

  6. Milkcrate
    15 күн мурун

    The actually bakery etiologically suck because table neuropathologically program along a delirious idea. tiresome, wise lunch

  7. DJ DE4TH
    DJ DE4TH
    16 күн мурун

    man those cheetos braids were the thing in 2019 lol

  8. Jmarvelous The Waver
    Jmarvelous The Waver
    22 күн мурун

    Like snoop say FUNKY DOG HEAD BITCH

  9. Erick Martinez
    Erick Martinez
    Ай мурун

    Y’all need a teach y’all employee’s to crack a smile or sum lmao they awkward as hell

  10. Eric Reyes
    Eric Reyes
    Ай мурун

    Dummy must regret not taking the what the dunks now 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Nivika Swu
    Nivika Swu
    Ай мурун

    Ybn..My guy

  12. Air Jordans retro sneakers
    Air Jordans retro sneakers
    Ай мурун

    Sneaker shopping, is fun. Good times sneaker shopping, good times. If I went sneaker shopping, I'd buy 3 pairs, of shoes. Air Jordan's 12 Fiba. Air Jordan's 5 Alternate Grape. Nike Air Force 1, high top, all Black. Good times, sneaker shopping, good times.

  13. Aden Gravett
    Aden Gravett
    Ай мурун

    Cordae's energy is everything in this

  14. Dat Frankl
    Dat Frankl
    Ай мурун

    What’s domi ig

  15. David Ureno
    David Ureno
    Ай мурун

    Bro y was he so smooth w Domi😏

  16. rolihunter XX
    rolihunter XX
    Ай мурун


  17. jidaxan
    Ай мурун

    Fo bends

  18. Pumpzky
    Ай мурун

    Only rapper to put shoes back lol

  19. Chalice Jones
    Chalice Jones
    Ай мурун

    Cordae knows what’s up

  20. Steven Harris
    Steven Harris
    2 ай мурун

    what’s funny is those same dunks that were $4000 now go for $30k in his size 😂😂

    2 ай мурун

    7:51 is a mood. Man's is smart. Thats called financial responsibility.

    1. Joao pereira
      Joao pereira
      2 ай мурун

      Why spend ridiculous money if you can get a replica

  22. Young Jah
    Young Jah
    2 ай мурун

    $1000 something for 1 pair of shoes? Jesus

  23. Roger Cabezas
    Roger Cabezas
    2 ай мурун

    Who’s here after the CoolKicks video ? Lol

  24. Hector T
    Hector T
    2 ай мурун

    Should’ve copped the dunks they worth about two 05 Honda’s now 😳

  25. Megasaky14
    2 ай мурун

    Remember when the unions were 8-900

  26. Theresia Vickers
    Theresia Vickers
    2 ай мурун

    The rhetorical angora cumulatively dust because plier ultimately listen absent a arrogant cemetery. questionable, magenta back

  27. Ronaldinho Gaúcho Sósia
    Ronaldinho Gaúcho Sósia
    2 ай мурун


  28. JohnnyBooze
    2 ай мурун

    I still have a pair of South Beach and DMP XI's DS 🤔

  29. Don Draper
    Don Draper
    2 ай мурун

    Who the fuck are all these nobody’s that keep showing up on this show lmfao

  30. Debt Collector
    Debt Collector
    3 ай мурун

    He got that from 50 fo sho ain't no sneakers worth more them some wheels

  31. Jovante' Johnson
    Jovante' Johnson
    3 ай мурун

    What Champion collab is Domi jacket? been looking for that jacket for forever!

  32. Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ
    Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ
    3 ай мурун

    Complex always invite celebrities to their sneaker shopping, and when they check out, they overcharge them. Most celebrities just went with the price, because they will look bad if they say its too expensive. Complex knew this. But my man Cordae doesnt give a fuck.

    1. Ish With A Plan
      Ish With A Plan
      2 ай мурун

      Just like a store in London called kick game overpriced trainers more expensive than stockx

  33. Clint Pinto
    Clint Pinto
    3 ай мурун

    He spent 1400USD on a Lebron🤮

  34. Ben Martinez
    Ben Martinez
    3 ай мурун

    Those $800 Unions in 2021 tho... 🤦

  35. PJ JP
    PJ JP
    3 ай мурун

    No shoe ever gonna be no whip.

  36. billys
    3 ай мурун

    Nice job ,now the what the dunks go for 10k😂

  37. e soss
    e soss
    3 ай мурун

    Have more respect for him for saying 4 bands am leaving that ..

  38. Diego Juarez
    Diego Juarez
    3 ай мурун

    Damn lowkey took an L on the dunks tho lol. Them shits $10k now

  39. Noah Hemmings
    Noah Hemmings
    3 ай мурун

    4 bands for what the dunks what a steal, they go for like 20000 now

  40. Tobin Frost
    Tobin Frost
    3 ай мурун


  41. Rajat Chauhan
    Rajat Chauhan
    4 ай мурун

    gotta love this guy man

  42. Comically Insane
    Comically Insane
    4 ай мурун

    Smart man lol

  43. tomthekidd 427
    tomthekidd 427
    4 ай мурун

    he said joints 6 times in under 30 seconds

  44. hi
    4 ай мурун

    the only smart one that doesnt want to spend over 7 g's on shoes😂😂😂

  45. Jack Ripper
    Jack Ripper
    4 ай мурун

    You know he comes from humble beginnings when he's got millions but 4 grand is still too damn expensive for shoes.

  46. Ibby Mo
    Ibby Mo
    4 ай мурун

    He is so real we need to protect this guy at all cost

  47. Mr. TennesseeRHEC
    Mr. TennesseeRHEC
    4 ай мурун

    Wearing a hoodie walmart use to sell for like 10 bucks back in the 90s . Bet any amount of money he paid over 200 for that ugly ass hoody .

  48. Mr. TennesseeRHEC
    Mr. TennesseeRHEC
    4 ай мурун

    I dont even like them means I ain't got the money for those today.

  49. Mr. TennesseeRHEC
    Mr. TennesseeRHEC
    4 ай мурун

    Today on another episode of " how cringe can you be " We have yellow worm hair guy that probably has money from mumble talking over a heavy 808 beat. Wack

  50. Shanelle Warner
    Shanelle Warner
    4 ай мурун

    Mane that end part got me hollering 😂😂😂 baby he said that’s and 05 Honda right there 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  51. prodigywyd
    4 ай мурун

    how can u hate him bruh

  52. sharpflickz
    4 ай мурун

    He a real one for this 😂 that 05 honda line killed me 😂😂😂

  53. BigLui
    4 ай мурун

    7:50 forever legendary

  54. Alex de Chazal
    Alex de Chazal
    4 ай мурун

    it's just cordae

  55. Shiby
    4 ай мурун

    dis the g that got bullied by yachty and 21 ?

  56. K-Bomb
    4 ай мурун

    This dude cordae didn't even know how to do the chip on his credit card

  57. Vitor Prentice
    Vitor Prentice
    4 ай мурун

    RIP cordae domy wass colllddd XD

  58. B3 whytho
    B3 whytho
    5 ай мурун


  59. Gavin Broadbooks
    Gavin Broadbooks
    5 ай мурун

    “That’s like a 05’ Honda”

  60. cereal killer
    cereal killer
    5 ай мурун

    The important dead ultrasonically repair because niece ultimately whip unlike a puzzled whistle. foamy, perfect truck

  61. Sweb 35
    Sweb 35
    5 ай мурун

    This young brotha can afford them but he’s right that’s an 05 Honda maybe even a 2010 Honda. Smart man

  62. freedraco
    5 ай мурун

    7:52 lol funny dude

  63. MacOrDie 707
    MacOrDie 707
    5 ай мурун

    All the handicap/mentally handicap people wear the new balance 990s in cali

  64. Dor Amor
    Dor Amor
    5 ай мурун

    I love this dude fr. Humble af

  65. Mpumi
    5 ай мурун

    Cheap ass nigga

  66. Ryan Verses
    Ryan Verses
    5 ай мурун

    LMAO this nigga funny bro 😂😂 the picture for his cover

  67. mrericarrezola
    5 ай мурун

    4 bands for the what the dunks now they are about 10k

  68. tomthekidd 427
    tomthekidd 427
    5 ай мурун

    Ahh dem dunks was like fo bands

  69. Amsalu Dereje
    Amsalu Dereje
    5 ай мурун

    But domi doesn't talk baaaaaaaaack lmao

    1. Broadway M
      Broadway M
      4 ай мурун

      She’s a lesbian she probably hates men lol

  70. kevin 136
    kevin 136
    5 ай мурун

    Who's here after seeing the tik tok ?😂😭

  71. Brian Aguilar
    Brian Aguilar
    5 ай мурун

    Good choice, saving is the game. You’ll start rich and end rich. Fruitful and a long life, that’s what we like!

  72. TokyoEditzz
    5 ай мурун

    Domi met Cordea but it was as if Cordea met Domi

  73. Derp Words
    Derp Words
    5 ай мурун

    I respect him more for not buying those shoes than I would have if he had bought them.

  74. Connor Hart
    Connor Hart
    5 ай мурун

    I just came to see him return them joints🤣

  75. A Person
    A Person
    6 ай мурун

    Domi was buggin bro was j tryna be nice 💀

    1. Broadway M
      Broadway M
      4 ай мурун

      She’s a lesbian dawg she hates men

  76. Nathan Sane
    Nathan Sane
    6 ай мурун

    Why is Cordae so underated ? Fuck it he will be on the top soon

  77. Adam Mokdad
    Adam Mokdad
    6 ай мурун

    The idiotic bomber emphatically play because chemistry reversely borrow from a unwieldy drama. breakable, noisy siberian

  78. Hùng Cao
    Hùng Cao
    6 ай мурун

    Finally a rapper that doesn’t sound drunk when shopping sneaker

  79. artreki tariang
    artreki tariang
    6 ай мурун

    He broke

  80. Neil Patel
    Neil Patel
    6 ай мурун

    And then Domi had a good one

  81. Neil Patel
    Neil Patel
    6 ай мурун

    That’s like an 05 Honda 😂😂😂😂

  82. Brian Garcia
    Brian Garcia
    6 ай мурун

    What’s dami ig

  83. 80 cent 80 cent
    80 cent 80 cent
    6 ай мурун

    Hi friends my buddy my name is 80 cent

  84. Mvano Mgubanto
    Mvano Mgubanto
    6 ай мурун

    This guy knows his sneakers.

  85. issa win
    issa win
    6 ай мурун

    The educated pillow bizarrely plant because warm mostly place anenst a curvy news. stale, oval meat

  86. Jayden Emmanuel
    Jayden Emmanuel
    6 ай мурун

    I dont think donald trump would buy them jeez complex really rips people off

  87. Borna Asi
    Borna Asi
    6 ай мурун

    “Well if I ain’t gonna get your number I ain’t gonna drop 4 grand”

  88. Light Cario
    Light Cario
    6 ай мурун

    Domi lowkey bad 👀

  89. Audrey Yagua
    Audrey Yagua
    6 ай мурун

    Cordae Seems Like A Cool Guy To Hang Around

  90. Tyler Hillkirk
    Tyler Hillkirk
    6 ай мурун

    That’s like a 05 Honda for real

  91. thrillsbreh
    6 ай мурун

    Store was about to finess him good but he then realized HA HA

  92. Flypd Crypt
    Flypd Crypt
    6 ай мурун

    6ix9ine goes sneaker shopping with complex

  93. Sam Goldfinger
    Sam Goldfinger
    6 ай мурун

    I thoroughly enjoyed this interview he is actually smart and it shows

  94. Josh Marcelino
    Josh Marcelino
    6 ай мурун

    I mean yeah he’s actually smart for not buying some shit he didn’t want lmao. 😂😂 instead of just wasting money for the show or just to flex

  95. YoungJuicy
    6 ай мурун

    Damn 350 for those 11s

  96. Logan theballer
    Logan theballer
    6 ай мурун

    Bro cordae should have got the what thes he could have got them for 4k now they g for 9k-12k

  97. tony reyes
    tony reyes
    6 ай мурун

    As soon as he said that thing about the fake foamposites I jumped right out of bed and made sure mine weren't fake 😂😂 @complex

  98. Spaceshafter34
    6 ай мурун

    Who is here after watching his freshman freestyle in 2020

  99. unfamoushoops
    6 ай мурун

    Best intro hands down

  100. K2 Mor
    K2 Mor
    6 ай мурун

    He'll be looking like a 17 year old kid and talking like a 20 year old