From Universal to Chloraka in 360 - April 2021

20 Көрүүлөр 2,1 миӊ.

This film takes us on a winding journey through Universal and the Old Town, before reaching the coast road and heading off to Chloraka for a sea view.
This is a 360 film.
This means that you can control the camera as you watch the film. If you are using a PC, the WAS and D keys move the camera. You can also move the camera while paused.
On a tablet, just drag to move the camera.
For a map of the route:
00:00 Universal
03:18 Top Junction
04:56 Ethnographic Museum in Old Town
06:32 Patchwork Tree
10:00 Tomb of the Kings
12:22 King Evelthon Hotel
14:56 Akti Resort


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    Pastel Roblox Butterfly Vibes YT
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